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Our clients tell us that we are extremely personable, passionate, and unique in our approach. We keep things simple for you and we are not interested in trying to impress you with fancy financial jargon. It’s not necessary. The only thing that matters are results. We will spend as much time as you want in learning about various retirement planning strategies, as well as, any other investment opportunities you may be looking for. We want you to clearly and concisely understand the plan we have prepared for you. And after we implement your plan, you can expect to receive the highest level of service in the industry. We will never hide from you and we will promptly return your calls and emails.

We are different! We will not ask you or pressure you for your business. We believe that if we can show you a better way than what you are currently doing, you will ask us to implement the plan we have prepared for you. Our primary focus is to help in educating you on proper retirement and investment planning strategies, not to sell you on some financial product that you don’t need. Remember, we are licensed fiduciaries which means that we are required by law to only give you investment advice that benefits you and only you. We always honor that!

We are people that place and premium on honor, trust, integrity, character, and work ethic. We only work with people that have the same value system as we do. When you do business with us, we want you to feel like you are an integral part of our team. We want you to feel like family!

No Cost or Obligation

Until you become a client of ours, there is never a charge for the time we spend with you or when we put a plan together for you. After you become a client, we will charge you a fee for the amount of assets that we manage on your behalf. Most importantly, we truly want to get to know you and understand your needs. And we will never ask you for your business so you never need to worry about us putting any pressure on you. Not because we don’t want your business, but simply because we believe that if we do our job and demonstrate to you how we can help you, you will eventually ask us to help you. That makes it really easy on everyone.


Every advisor will claim to be transparent, but these days, the word transparent is relative unfortunately. Some are 90% transparent, others are 50% transparent, and some not at all. Because we are licensed fiduciaries, we must be 100% transparent in every aspect of our work. From analyzing your current strategy with another advisor, to the construction of investment and retirement plans, as well as all of the costs, we must be 100% transparent. You will never have to wonder if we are telling you the full story. You will know! The best way to find out is to click on the Book a Meeting tab and we won’t just talk about our transparency, we will show you that we are.

Actionable Advice

When you leave our office, you will know that you have been given a solid plan with actionable advice that you can apply today. We want you to be more educated and be more in control of your investments and retirement plan that ever. So we make sure that we give you advice that makes a difference in your life. We will not ever waste your time and we will take as much time as you need in order to answer all of your questions and concerns. We want you to leave our office each time feeling confident about your plan and about us.



Located in Lafayette, Louisiana and primarily serving Acadiana.


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4023 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy

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Lafayette, LA 70503


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Copyright 2023 Hux Capital Management.
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